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Nazi-Friendly show in Greece

Minutes before starting the press conference of the head of the Golden Dawn (GD), Nikolaos Michaloliakos, his party’s officials asked the journalists to stand up as an ovation to their leader. According to many sites based in the country, when some Greek journalists refused to stand up, the officials kicked them out of the place. The images posted in Youtube don’t show it, but it is possible listen to a discussion about it.

Extremist-right party GD reached in 2009 0,46% votes in the European Union elections in Greece. In the same year, they gathered 0,29% in the parliamentary elections. In 2010, GD gained one assent in the municipality of Athens with 5,29%. The party logo is a Maeandros, an old Greek symbol used widely by the nationalist forces in the country.

Since 1980s, Michaloliakos has issued a magazine and maintained a Nazi-organisation, which has treated Hitler as a hero. That’s why Michaloliakos cannot be compared neither with Jean-Marie Le Pen, in France, nor Umberto Bossi, in Italy. Many Nazi-organisation supporters has been accused or even prosecuted by the Greek authorities because of alleged racist attacks and political violence.

GD gathered enough votes to win about 20 seats in the Greek parliament. The results of Greece’s May 6 election have shocked the Greek political scene because the far-right GD gathered about 7% of the votes. It can be seen as a failure of the EU leaders to face the crises, making the people ask why maintain the whole political system and somehow put in question the efficiency of democracy in Europe.