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Ego trip revolution

I have decided to open another blog since I noticed two different types of readers during last months. Many people would like to know more about my personal experience here in Europe, and sometimes in Africa. Other people, on the other hand, would rather know my opinion about Geopolitical issues.

That is why I start a new blog that only touches upon Ego-trips. If you would like to know more about my experience, my point of view concerning places where I have been as well as my contacts with interesting people that I have met, please visit This blog will be written in English, but I am open for changes, if you as a reader think that I should make it in Portuguese.

If you want to know more about critical issues in the political agenda, international relations with an African emphasis, go for There is lack of qualified information about Africa in Brazilian Portuguese. As well as, the quantity of debatable measures towards Africa that Brazil does inside its own territory and abroad justifies why will be written in Portuguese.

Yes…maybe you ask yourself how I will have time to maintain two blogs. I don’t even know that. However, this is a good way to respond to people that demand different kind of information from me, concerning to my career and my life nowadays. I hope you enjoy it. If you have some suggestion, please feel free to talk to me. Everything can be changed.

The will be online in July.